Vedres Trophy

2016.08.23. |
The Best Goalie of the season is awarded with the Vedres Kupa (Vedres Trophy), named after Mátyás Vedres who originally started out as a soccer goalie, but later changed to ice hockey and became an exceptionally netminder on the ice.

Season Awarded Club
2009-2010 Rajna Miklós Bp. Stars
2010-2011 Peter Sevela Dab.Docler
2011-2012 Bálizs Bence Sapa Fehérvár AV19
2012-2013 Rajna Miklós Sapa Fehérvár AV19
2013-2014 Hetényi Zoltán Sapa Fehérvár AV19
2014-2015 Rajna Miklós Fehérvár AV19
2015-2016 Vay Ádám Debreceni HK