High Performance Center

2017.07.11. |
The High Performance Center provides top level praparation for all national teams during the season be that player conditioning or coach mentoring. From the gym equipment, through hockey specific developing tool, even professional themed library is accessible for the sportsmen.
Over 700 square meters give place for Skate-trek skating machine, TRX trainers, Kettbell, Tougu balls, Balance boards, Vertimax and Pyloboxes to help enhance the skills of the players. Massive storage area ensures the proper handling of youth equipment with availability for maintance and reparation works.

We owe thanks to the Parliament, due to the approved 170 million Forins founding for youth developement program in 2009 made it possible to create the Center. Further in favour of the TAO support we were able to develop the facility and move from Ice Center to the new Tüskecsarnok where outstanding conditions are granted for ice hockey. Every year we are grateful for the Hungarian Olympic Committee which grants indispensable backing to the operation of the Center.


H-1117 Budapest, Magyar tudósok körútja 7.

GPS-coordinates.: 47°28’17.71” É ; 19°03’28.12” K

E-mail: info@metodikaikozpont.hu
Web: www.metodikaikozpont.hu


No. 4 and 6 trams: "Petőfi híd, Budai hídfő" stop, approach from the Magyar tudósok körútja.

Metro 4: "Újbuda-központ" stop

No. 153 and 212 buses: "Petőfi híd, budai hídfő" stop

No. 33 bus: Approach from "Budafoki út" stop